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September 15th Open Atelier during atelier-route Tilburg

September 7 - 16 'Oog in Oog met het Water' and 'Verwanten' in Fort Sabina during the art-route Moerdijk

June until November my work BEGINNING, is floating and transforming on nature cemetery "De Utrecht" in Esbeek, The Netherlands

May 17th I made a painting for The Colorfield Performance CH 2018 in Sloten, Friesland, The Netherlands

May 10 - 13 OOG IN OOG MET HET WATER at De Rietheuvel in Stad aan het Haringvliet during KunstKijk, The Netherlands


September 22 - 23 - 24 ELEMENTS at Buurtmoestuin Korvel in Tilburg

September 8 - 17 ELEMENTS in Galerie Dusseldorp in Tilburg

Oktober 13 - 31 KIN at Natuurpoort Nederheide in Milheeze

September 1 - 10 'KIN' at LandArt Diessen, the Netherlands

May 25 - June 25 paintings at K26 in Oss, the Netherlands

May 23-28 'Elements' at De Overkant in Ouddorp during KunstKijk, the Netherlands - See the website!


Exhibition: Het Oog van Oss at K26 in Oss 'Lost Jellyfishes' June and July

'Skycatchers' in Theatre Chapel Mariengaarde and in my garden in Tilburg in April


Installation in the White Room of Kasteel Nemerlaer in Haaren, November 29th - 2016 Januari 17th

Painting 'Gebedsvlaggetjes' (40x40 acryl on canvas) on November the 8th on the benefit auction of the Dawa Sherpa Foundation - See the website!

Culture Night Oktober the 24th: Open Atelier

Paintings at the exhibition Het Oog van Oss in Oss in June and July

'Lost Jellyfishes' at Festival Mundial in Tilburg in June - Check out the Pictures!

'Skycatchers' at exhibition Rijnhuizen Uitgebeeld in May

'Skycatchers', paintings and 'Lost Jellyfishes' at exhibition KunstKijk on Goeree Overflakkee in May - See this movie!

'Skycatchers' inspire visitors in the Kennismakerij in Tilburg in Febuary, March and April


Exhibition: Kunst10Daagse in Bergen (NH) with my Skycatchers

Exhibiition: 'Kunststroming' in Krimpen a/d IJssel with my Skycatchers

Exhibition: 'Het Oog Van Oss' at K26 in Oss. Winner 2nd prize expert jury

Exhibition: "Dijken van Wijven' in Sas van Gent. In IMZ paintings. On the Kanaaleiland my Skycatchers

Exhibition: Kunstschouw Westerschouwen Zeeland, with the Skycatchers

Exhibition: with 22 of my paintings at Sanquin in the Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg, The Netherlands


In the environment of LandArtDiessen I present my Skycatchers:
From the earth they reach into the sky to catch every idea and imagination

Culture night: Open Atelier


Culture night: Open Atelier

1987 and later on:

Several exhibitions in the region, mostly paintings

1972 and later on:

Inspiring trips to countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, Mexico and Guatemala

1971 and later on:

Academieklas on the Art-school in Tilburg, support, coaching and inspiration by several artists in several disciplines